Our first point of action with any athlete is injury prevention and creating a full range of motion in each joint. Whether in season or off season training, every athlete needs to perform at their best, not only in their sport, but in their work-out sessions as well. Our first stop in any fitness program is building a strong foundation.

Core stability, balance, posture, and mastering compound movements are essential in creating any fitness program. Until these movements are done correctly any athlete will run the risk of injury. Our goal during this phase of training, is to not only prevent injury, but build tendon, ligament strength and core strength to withstand the impact of their sport and vigorous sport specific exercise.


A very good example of this is a knockout punch, a high speed tackle, connecting with a baseball, a wrestling escape or a slap shot in hockey. Increasing how much strength and power an athlete can perform in an instant. This is the phase where we will focus on how much weight an athlete can perform 1-3 times, incorporating olympic lifts and squats.


Our definition of speed refers to “quickness in a specific movement.” How fast can an athlete get to something? Plyometrics is our focus in this phase focusing on footwork, sprinting, jumping, ladder drills, ball slams, etc. Full recovery should be practiced here to ensure our athlete’s can perform at maximum speeds.


Not only will our athlete’s gain strength, but they will gain size! During this phase of our training program we look to pack on the muscle in the off season. It’s very hard to do during the season with the amount of calories an athlete is burning to add – or even keep weight on. We will also put a major emphasis on creating more muscle where you are deficient as well as re-aligning your posture after your season.


Heart health is our number one priority in this phase. By increasing the heart’s ability to pump blood and oxygen (V02 max) the athlete will perform at top speeds for a longer period of time, as well as recover faster. A tired athlete will perform at a low level and lose all their technique focus. We will focus on the athlete’s specific planes of motion in their sport and ensure they will never tire. Also, if there is any type of fat loss goal, it will be addressed here.